Additional Products

Construction Service offers a full line of specialty ready mix products such as colored concrete, masonry grouts, self-consolidating concrete, flowable fill, lightweight cellular fill, pervious concrete and much more.

Integrally Colored Concrete

Bring your creative design ideas to life with Construction Service’s full spectrum of integral colors.  We utilize the Interstar color system to add vivid color to nearly any batch of ready mixed concrete product we offer. Our batch team can also match color palettes from other leading color manufacturers.


Download the Interstar Color Chart*


*Please only use this digital color chart as a guide. Viewing on different screens will produce slight variations in color. Before making your final selection, please be sure to obtain a physical sample from our office.

Fiber Reinforced Concrete

  • Standard Polypropylene Fibers
  • Steel Fibers
  • Structural Fibers
  • Synthetic & Steel Fiber Blends

Flowable Fill

Flowable Fill is a flowable self-consolidating material that can be a substitute for compacted gravel for backfill and structural fill applications. Most Flowable Fill products are self-leveling and can be easily removed if necessary.

Flowable Fill Materials:

  • Excavatable Flowable Fill (Mass DOT  Type 1E and 2E)
  • Non-Excavatable Flowable Fill (Mass DOT  Type 1 and 2)
  • Pumpable Flow Fill
  • Quick-set (Coarse) Flow Fill
  • Lightweight Cellular Fill

Concrete Blocks

Construction Service produces concrete blocks in a variety of sizes & styles to accommodate your project needs. These blocks are very versatile and can be used for material storage bins, basic retaining walls, temporary foundations and much more! Please contact us for current sizes and availability.

Our interlocking blocks are manufactured with V-Groove locks on all sides for easy positioning. They are typically available in 2 size lengths:

  •   3ft long x 2ft high x 2ft wide
  •   6ft long x 2ft high x 2ft wide


Recycled Stone, Fill & Base

Construction Service offers a variety of recycled stone, fill and base materials to meet your needs.  Please contact us for specifications and availability.


Bulk Cement Hauling

Construction Service offers bulk cement hauling of cementitious products.

Construction Service’s fleet of bulk cement tankers allow for on-time & convenient delivery of these materials to facilities throughout Massachusetts and southern New England.